Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wanted: Resiliency

I've heard the most important characteristic for a church planter is resiliency, the ability to take a shot and get back up. Well, we took two shots over the weekend.

1 - Our Neighborhood Group I spent months praying about a way to serve our neighborhood and was convinced this Love and Logic discussion group was the way to go. I printed flyers, knocked on all 235 doors in our neighborhood, had lots of people say it was a great idea, had a few families RSVP. No One showed up! No one at all!
Erin and I were even prepared to give hundreds of dollars toward this group. The class cost $400 and we were only charging people $20 a family and that was just so they'd take it more seriously. If only one family showed up, we were ready to pay the difference of $380.
Did I not really hear from God? Was it really God's direction but no one responded? I don't know, but I do know that it was painful to not have anyone show up.

2 - Children's Pastor We've been searching for a year and have been talking with an incredible candidate the past two months. We pooled every resource possible to help bring her here, but after several weeks of prayer, she turned us down. Man, that sucks! Where is God guiding us? What's God's direction and timing? I don't really know.

Resiliency - This is what it looks like for me. I spent several hours yesterday contacting all the Nazarene schools, posting info about our opening. I talked with the district children's pastor and began pursuing the leads she gave me. I'm back on the trail for a children's pastor.

TFC is hosting a Love and Logic weekend April 28th and 29th. I'm working on ways to advertise it and to get info to the Gardner and Wellsville school district. I seriously believe that equipping parents is a way God is leading us to serve our community. I can only be obedience, I have to trust him for the results.

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