Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pictures from Easter

We pulled out all the stops on Sunday; hitting worshippers with as many images as possible, all designed to point people toward the truth of Jesus as Savior of the world.

My wife spent hours putting together the images that were on the TV. We ALMOST didn't get to use them, though. My laptop wasn't working right and we were still trying to get it to work at 10:28. We were able to get the images on one TV, so we pulled away the other two and had at least one tv projecting the images.

Chris Billings - you rock, you're so cool under pressure! I was freaking out over the laptop not working, Chris was leading the last minute band practice while fixing the laptop. Wow.

Thank you to Dawn Forrester, Alicia Brush, Andy Phelps and Sarah Lowenberg for bringing artwork to display. We hope to have some of it back up during the rest of the Easter season (which lasts until Pentecost).

The hospitality team went into overdrive on Sunday, which was awesome! Lots of food and lots of greeters. Chris Billings, Brian Roberts and Mike Lowenberg deserve big props for arriving at 7:30 to begin setting everything up. And a lot of you stayed to help with tear down, which got us out of the school earlier than normal.

Thanks to those of you who served in the kids area on Sunday: Jeremy Pride, Joe Kumor, Melissa Billings, Ashley Vance, Dawn Strahan and more. To give props everyone else who served in the kids area during Easter worship, you can post their names in the comments section. Thank you for sacrificing worship with the adults on Easter to serve our kids! I really can't thank you enough for your ministry!

I'll post some of the pictures, but to view more from Easter, click here.

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