Saturday, September 15, 2007

God knew I'd love coaching

Since we first moved to Gardner, I'd had the intention of getting involved in coaching at some level, but I'd never really knew where to start. But the desire to coach stayed with me and one of the ways I know something is from God is when it stays with me for a long time. Last spring at a Chamber event, the GEHS head football coach was speaking and I asked how I could get involved. He told me to contact Brian Essex at Wheatridge Middle School. I knew that would be easy because I'd played with Brian at MNU.

Brian wasn't sure if he'd be able to hire me, but just 1 day into practice, he got the approval. And now I know that God had been prompting me to coach because he knew how much I'd love it and how I'd be able to minister to so many kids. I'm almost feeling like this 7th grade football team is my 2nd congregation. I can't sleep tonight (it's 2:30) partly because I'm praying for these kids. At tonight's football game, I had to do some crisis intervention with a couple players.

The good kids are a joy to be around but the rougher kids are the ones I can tell really need a leader in their lives. One kid that has really be frustrating me because he forgets his position and misses games just had his 3rd unexcused practice, so we have to kick him off the team. But one of the other coaches just told me tonight that the kid has suicidal tendencies. Now I wish I could get more time with him, but it probably won't happen. But there is another kid who also frustrates me, but tonight at the tailgate party I could tell how much he looks up to me, so I need to be investing in him. Maybe I can meet him at school for lunch. He really needs a male role model to speak into his life. He was thanking me tonight for being such a good coach. I'm not that great of a coach, but he must be starving for some attention that he appreciates my coaching.

I told the JV team that if they found me at the tailgate party, I'd give them some hot dogs. This picture is some of the guys who took me up on the offer. God knew how much I'd love coaching and how I'd be able to invest in these kids, so he kept that desire in me until I acted on it.

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