Thursday, September 6, 2007

Super Servant - Michelle Corbin

Michelle Corbin is one of the unsung heroes of TFC! The Corbins open their house every Wednesday night to about 10-20 kids for youth group meetings. Michelle works hard to invest in the kids, prepare lessons and pray for them. You don't have to talk with Michelle for very long to pick up on her heart for teens.

And the coolest thing is that teens are coming to Christ! Michelle is going to share some stories on a Sunday morning, so I hope I'm not stealing her thunder, but there are kids coming to youth group (brought by friends) that have no Christian background. In fact, several of these kids don't even consider themselves to be Christian! That's awesome (not that they aren't yet followers of Christ but that they're hanging around our youth group where they're hearing about Christ)!

Michelle really needs our help, though. We need more adult sponsors and more families willing to open up their home for the Wednesday night gatherings. Please email Michelle at please at

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