Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank You

Tonight was an amazing, amazing evening. We got a call from Bonita Flats earlier this week, wanting us to come over so they could give us the "gift bag for your baby." Since they'd been so generous at Christmas, I figured this might be a pretty good haul but I was still completely blow away. Between the stuff they bought off our registry, the cash and the gift card, we were given hundreds of dollars worth of stuff! Erin was crying, some of the bartenders were crying, it was a beautiful moment. Guido, the owner said, "no one's ever loved us the way you love us." Guido was also talking about the ways the club has been helping My Father's House since the day we served there last month.

We started Love Wins to share Jesus' love. I had no idea however, how much love we'd be given in return. Had I thought about it though, I shouldn't have been surprised because in the Kingdom of God, Love Wins!!!