Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 interesting things

So there's this new fade on Facebook. People write 25 interesting things about themselves and then tag others in their note. I've been tagged in a lot of them and they're usually an interesting read. One time, I read something and wondered whether that person meant to tag me, considering what they'd said in one of their points. Is that vague enough?

I've recently read two that about made me cry. This first comment is from one of my best friends growing up, whom I had the privilege of leading to Christ when we were sophomores in High School. 4 years ago, I got a note from him thanking me for giving him "the greatest gift of all." I think the note was prompted during a worship gathering, which is a good idea.
Anyway, here's one of his notes from his "25 random."

18. Mission work is also something that the Lord is stirring in me. Never attempted it to date, but would like to venture down that path someday. Our church has a strong mission field presence & sends teams out both within the US and internationally.

It's such an honor to know I had a part in where he's currently at in his journey with Christ.

The second note I want to share comes from our birth mother, who may be induced soon:
5. Yes, I am expecting. I'm one month away. Although in the beginning I thought God was punishing me, I now know that He has really blessed me with a very special gift: to make another family very happy. It's humbling to know that I am gonna be a part of a couple's dramatic life change and that I can give them something that they may not have had. I'm very proud of my decision and nothing could alter it.

I'm pretty sure the change from shame to thankfulness has come from some of our conversations. When we told her how thankful we were for her "momentary lapse," she began to view this baby in a new light.

God often transforms our biggest screw-ups into the greatest blessings.

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