Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A move of God

I poured my heart out on Sunday, just before the offering. Telling people that when they make the lifestyle changes necessary to give sacrificially, they're making a huge impact in people's lives. All that I shared came out of a realization I had while brushing my teeth before worship that morning. I realized that I've never been a part of a movement of God like I'm experiencing right now. What's happening is bigger than can be explained in a simple blog post, but in posting a few of the conversations I've had will give a sense of what's been happening.

"I've know nothing about God, never been to church but I'm feeling irresistibly drawn to your church. I love listening and learning and I feel so welcomed. I can't imagine feeling as welcome in other churches as I do in yours."

"If it weren't for TFC, I don't know where I'd be. Who knows where my wife and I would be."

"Dammit [I have to miss church again on Sunday]!"

"Nobody has ever loved us the way you love us."

Creating an environment in which these types of conversations can occur has taken a TON of work; prayer, relationship building and leadership. We have to constantly say no to some more traditional approaches to church so as to create the space for this type of stuff to happen.

In a meeting with worship leaders last night, we were all in agreement that God's about to do something in our church that we've never seen before. We've been preparing ourselves for God to move and we're seeing the beginning of some miracles. Patience, obedience, diligence - that will keep us aligned with this movement of God.

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