Friday, February 20, 2009

The Kingdom is here among us

There is a reason TFC is the way it is. There's a reason we don't tell people who to vote for. There's a reason we partner with gentlemen's clubs to serve the poor in our area. There's a reason I personally refuse to support the organization trying to pass laws to shut down strip clubs. There's a reason I get to have lunch with a bouncer at one of the gentlemen's clubs. There's a reason people who have never been in church feel welcome at TFC. It's because TFC tries to live out the Kingdom.

Much of my thinking has been influenced by Greg Boyd. Just this morning, I heard a message that I think every Christ-follower should hear. Follow this link, scroll down to the sermon dated 2/9 and click on the audio. The entire sermon is great, but if you can't listen to it all, start at the 9:52 mark and go to the 24:20 mark.

Jesus = the Kingdom. Our job is to bring Jesus to people.

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