Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some more thoughts on the changing church

Following the post below, here's a quote from a great article by Reggie McNeal in Rev! Magazine. The article is entitled "Catching the Missional Wave" and it discusses the changes from being attractional to being missional.

"Going missional will carry you beyond a church-centric worldview into a kingdom orientation. Rather than looking at the kingdom through church lenses, you'll see the church through kingdom lenses. This shift of perspectives wil lead you to make significant changes in your ministry agenda and how you prosecute it. Your scorecard will expand beyond the attractional church measures tied to the successes of church program participation. You'll become increasingly concerned about your impact beyond church real estate and programming. Rather than building great churches, you'll concentrate on creating a culture that fosters great people (these are radically different approaches). These missional followers of Jesus then serve as the church deployed across all domains of culture. Clergy, rather than mere managers of spiritual vending enterprises for consumers, become leaders of a movement that plays out in every sector of society.

Here are some more thoughts from McNeal - link.

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