Monday, February 2, 2009


It's been incredible to watch Kurt Warner during this season's playoffs. Everyone knows his "stacking boxes at Hy-Vee to Super Bowl MVP" story. But I'm in awe of Kurt Warner for coming back the 2nd time.
In the 2002 Super Bowl, a little known QB named Tom Brady and his huge underdog Patriots upset Warner's "Greatest Show on Turf". Things went downhill from there for Warner. He kept getting hurt, he lost his starting job to Mark Bolger and well, his wife didn't handle it so well, which made him the laughing stock of the Sports Radio market.

But Warner didn't quit. He didn't doubt himself and he didn't give up on his vision. It really didn't matter what those on the outside were saying, he trusted those closest to him who were confident in both his character and his ability.

When Fitzgerald broke away for the g0-ahead TD, I told my cousin "there's two future hall-of-famers." While it's a bummer Warner's defense let him down, I think he punched his ticket to Canton with that 4th quarter TD pass.

To go from rags to riches is one thing. To do it twice (well, 2:15 from doing it twice) is incredible.

What does resiliency for the Kingdom of God look like for you? Are you willing to stick with it?

I know I am!

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