Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Salsa dancing

Tonight was Erin and my first night of an 8 week ballroom dancing class we're taking through the Gardner Dance Studio. We found out about the class from Jaclyn, a lady with whom Erin became good friends during Music Man. The class is being taught by Eric, a dance major at KU whom Franci brought into our show with about a month left, to beef up our dancing prowess. I called him "the ringer."

Although I have no problem keeping a rhythm, I'm not very smooth in my movements. It's pretty intimidating to try to swing your hips in a salsa movement in front of someone who's basically a pro. Maybe that's why new people are sometimes nervous to talk with me about God. But I started to get a little bit of a hang on the salsa moves by the end of the hour. I must say, my wife looks HOT dancing the Salsa. I could hardly keep my hands off her!

There are two other couples taking the class. One immediately asked me what I did (I usually try to let people see that I'm normal before admitting I'm a pastor) but she suddenly wanted to talk about church, which surprised me. She asked about our church and said she wants to get back into church. I gave her my card, so we'll see what happens.

That conversation is just one more example of what happens if you just find different ways to get into the community. Erin and I love music and are wanna-be dancers and it figures that God would use this class to bring about spiritual conversations.

The lady we met at the dance class was at church this morning! Erin and I were just talking about how we've been so much more attractive lately. I don't really know what other word to use, but SO MANY people have been coming to our church (at least once) simply because they know Erin and I. I think we might be inviting less than we did 3 years ago, but we're reaching more people. My reasoning is that I've been praying a lot more than I did three years ago. Erin simply pointed out that we're "out there" more than we used to be. It's amazing the way God has been working through us to help connect people with Christian community.

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