Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Trinity Family Story

To celebrate turning 3 this month, we've been showing videos of "Trinity Family Stories." We were planning on showing this video from Emmanuel Reinbold on Sunday, but ran out of time.

Emmanuel and his wife, Janelle, helped us launch TFC. They were a strong part of our community until they sensed God's leadership into full-time ministry. In December of 06, they moved to McCook Nebraska to pastor the Church of the Nazarene in that town.

Emmanuel learned a lot during his time at TFC. I'm sure he learned plenty not to do, but while at TFC, he caught a vision for reaching people far from God and church. It makes me very proud of this church to know we helped shape Emmanuel to lead a church in focusing on people who don't know Jesus.

Yep, we're a pretty cool church!

Greetings to Trinity Family from Emmanuel Reinbold on Vimeo.

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