Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go hard or go home!

That's pretty much my philosophy when I do things like what we did yesterday; skiing and tubing on the lake. Unless I wipe out in a massive way, I wasn't trying hard enough. Skiing is pretty easy, but just going back and forth gets boring quickly, so I try to add a little bit of excitement, but since I'm not much of a skier, the end results aren't too great.
On one trip, I caught some air over some waves and wasn't able to land both skies at the same time, so one went out behind me and I got pulled into a sommersault, hitting the water on my back. It was a nice shot to the kidneys. On another trip, I tried giving a little slack to the line for a moment, but that resulted in me getting yanked face-first into the water.
Zach and I also rode the tube together, taunting Dale to go faster in the attempt to throw us off. It eventually happened, several times.

I'm so sore this morning I can barely move.

If you want to see some more pictures, you can click here.

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BillMarty said...

A couple of friends and I, back when we were younger and far more invincible, used to engage in an activity called "Tubing for Pain."

One of us at a time would get on the tube and the driver would go in circles. At first they would be nice, wide, happy circles - but then they would get tighter and tighter until the tuber was traveling about 1000 mph and was severely injured falling off. Then it was time to switch!