Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Night with Alison Krauss

On Tuesday night, I took my sweet wife to Starlight Theatre to see one of her favorite singers, Alison Krauss. She's on tour with Robert Plant. Now, I'll be honest and admit I did not know who Robert Plant was but I did wonder if there was a particular reason I saw Led Zeppelin t-shirts all over the place. There were a LOT of hippies at the concert!

Our favorite Alison Krauss song is "When you say Nothing at all," which is why we had it sung at our wedding. We kept waiting, waiting and waiting, but she didn't sing that song. It was pretty disappoint, but I understand why. Alison Krauss has achieved almost unprecedented success in mainstream music, despite the fact that she keeps rejecting mainstream music. She's stayed away from major record labels and has stayed true to her roots as a bluegrass artist. She's occasionally moved into mainstream country/ pop/ movie soundtracks, as with "Nothing" but she's stayed true to her artist passions. Probably something to learn about leadership from her example. So, "Nothing" may have been too cliche to do in the concert.

She did however, sing my wife's 2nd favorite song of hers, "Down to the River." There were several times in which I sat in complete awe of what Alison is able to do with her voice. At a level above any other singer I've ever heard, she has turned her voice into a musical instrument. Even her back-up vocals were awe-inspiring.

It's also awe-inspiring that I actually planned this date for my wife. I'm not really the most thoughtful person in the world. Ever since the Foo Fighter's concert, I've been getting emails from the Live Nation concert production company. When I saw that Alison Krauss was coming to Starlight (with some old dude I'd never heard of) I knew I had to get my wife to that concert. It's one of the few things we'll be doing to celebrate my wife's quickly approaching 30th Birthday.


Erin said...

When I was driving to work last week and heard that Allison Krauss was coming, I knew. I knew that the surprise was tickets to the concert. You had already told me we were going to a concert, but it was inevitable that I would hear it on the radio. I already told you all of this, but I wanted to say, "Thank you," again. "Thank you for being a sweet, and thoughtful husband." I love you!

Bruce said...

What a guy :)

Great concert choice.

My wife and I love the music of Alison Krauss. We have "all" here cd's. Great stuff

With such a well planned successful date what are you going to do for an encore?