Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Drop/ Add

Well, so much for the JCCC French Class. I dropped it a couple days after enrolling. See, the cost of the class and book totalled $600! I couldn't justify spending that much money for what is basically a recreational class.

So I emailed my good friend Lori Beckum, who teaches at MidAmerica Nazarene University and she said I could audit her French class for free as well as borrow her book! Wow, talk about a turn of events.

Today was my first class and I think I'm going to like Lori's teaching style more than the professor from JCCC. I'd only considered how knowing French would help me travel or teach in France, but Lori explained that over 20 countries speak some sort of French dialect. I've had the sense for over a year that I need to learn French, maybe God is preparing us for some sort of international work some day. I don't necessarily mean being a full-time missionary, but maybe leading mission trips or something.

That would be just like God to use our love of Paris and Southern France to trick me into learning French (thinking we'll retire in Provence or something) so I can go work in some distant island or something.

Just kidding... sort of.


Emily said...

Hé Donnie,

Félicitations sur l'érudition de français. Je sais c'est quelque chose que vous avez voulu faire. Bonne Chance !

Au revoir,


Donnie Miller said...