Thursday, May 1, 2008

Would Jesus protest a strip club?

If Jesus were here today, would he be protesting in front of a strip club?
Check out this news story from Channel 9 - link.

Somehow, I don't think Jesus would be holding one of those signs.

Would Jesus be inside, passing out gift bags? Well, Jesus was a man and Hebrews tells us he faced tempation, so he may not be inside. Maybe he'd be hanging out with me and Mike Palmer in the parking lot as Erin and Jaymie passed out giftbags on the inside.

We've got some ladies coming over this evening to put together the bags for tomorrow night's trip to the clubs. That seems a bit more like the way of Jesus.


David Brush said...

Maybe a little too simplistic question. Would Jesus protest the individual women? We could all agree no.

The question for me is would Jesus openly and vocally decry systems and institutions of human degradation and injustice?

The problem protesting a strip club is that for it's employees and clients they identify with it on a personal level. Meaning they may not be able to separate a protest against the club vs. a protest against them personally. This is no different than for instance Christian's decrying and feeling personally attacked when their faith system is not cast in a positive light.

In reality I think Jesus would be protesting in a different way if he did protest. It would be a counter-force to the damaging influence. How interesting would it be if a church bought space next to the strip club and offered free services to the dancers and clients that subverted the lust-driven business model?

I don't know the answers I guess, but I don't think Jesus would protest in that particular way demonstrated.

Donnie Miller said...

Yep, that was a very simplistic post, I just threw it out there.
I agree, Jesus would find a way to protest the system that abuses women, but he'd do it in a way that didn't attack the people in the industry.

Donnie Miller said...

Buying land and starting a ministry is an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what both of you said.

My 2 cents --- Marching around in front of a building, holding a sign in protest is they "easy" thing to do because it's not requiring one to do anything or make any sacrifices to help remedy the issue.

One can protest an instution all they want, but if they are not going to people and helping them find the transforming power of Christ's love and redemption, then in my opinion, it's useless. Institutions, governments, companies, etc. don't possess soul's - the individuals that make up those organizations do.

That's why I love the fact that TF has a ministry like Love Wins. This ministry and the people involved with it are working to help change the individuals.

Donnie.... you and Mike hang out with Jesus in front of strip clubs?????? =)

Donnie Miller said...

Yeah, I agree. Holding signs is so easy. I know the organization that did it and they're trying to protect children and families. But here's the deal, no children are allowed in that club and a husband going in there is hurting his family, but not because the clubs are legal but because of what's spiritually wrong in his heart. If there weren't strip clubs, he'd find another way to sin against his family.

Mike and I hang out and "stand guard" while the ladies are inside, not that they're ever in danger or anything, it's just our policy.

I'm assuming this is Scott, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes.. this is Scott. Sorry... that was just a joke about you guys in the parking lot. It just sounded funny to me. I wasn't at all questioning why you guys did it.

I completely agree that it would be a condition of the heart. Whether it was the strip club, porn on the internet, whatever... the condition of his heart would cause him to sin against his family in some way. Great point!