Monday, May 19, 2008

I love my job!

Last Sunday, I had an amazing conversation with a guy from TFC. He started the conversation by stating, "I blame Trinity Family for this." Three years of pastoral ministry has taught me how to utilize a type of pastoral armor, where I can just listen to the complaint without taking it personally. But to my complete suprise, he then went on to tell me that he and his wife of 6 years were getting back together after a year of separation! I could barely hold back the tears of joy. I had no idea he was even married, he's been at TFC for about 9 months and never mentioned his estranged wife. He told me that reconnecting with God has prompted this move toward reconciliation. All I could think was I love my job.

Then this morning, I read this blog post from Emily Crow. Wow, that just about brought tears to my eyes, too. But thankfully, I'm too much of a man to cry :).

And then there's the blog post below about my conversation with Guido. Really, does it get any better?

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Emily said...

HAHA! Donnie you crack me up! You know crying just means your human right? It has taken me MONTHS to learn, accept and realize that tears are NOT a sign of weakness just humaness (is that EVEN a word?) So no fear in showing emotion...

I am glad that you enjoyed my blog entry...I am working on one for this evening as well. (which is going to be interesting.....)

Stay tuned...there's always more. :)

Ps...I am glad you LOVE YOUR JOB!!! Your great at it!