Monday, August 6, 2007

What a Sunday!

I think it just might be possible that a year from now or so, we may look back on Sunday as one of the best days in our church’s history. Second straight Sunday where our worship time has really connected with people. Maybe we’re entering a great season of worship in our community. We cashed the $5,000 check a family gave to help the Thomas family. We introduced Pastor Andy (by him interrupting me during announcements) and he’s already connecting with kids. We had two new families here as a result of a personal invitation. We had two families return for their third Sunday. And I was able to tell the church we had two people give their lives to Christ this week. We’ve been praying every Sunday for the names in “the box,” those who have yet to give their lives to Jesus. Two people whose names are in that box gave their lives to Christ this week. With a few tears in my eyes, I was able to tell the church that their prayers are making an eternal impact. Our church’s prayers are pointing people toward Christ’s throne.
I’m more excited and energized than maybe I’ve ever been, maybe even more excited than right before launch. I “get” the vision God’s given me for our church. Something has just clicked in my brain and I now understand the power of the 5. We can (we are) transform our little corner of the world by living in the pattern of our 5 disciplines. Our church is helping the kingdom break out all over Gardner!

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