Monday, August 27, 2007

Banana Chunks

It was a little after 1:00, the rest of the set-up crew had left (besides Brian Roberts) and as I walked by the front door, I noticed some chunks of bananas on the floor, right in front of where our welcome table had been set-up. I realize we're paying a custodian to be there, but I'm so grateful to them for letting us meet in their school that I knew I should help him out and clean up the chunks of bananas. So I did it.

Cleaning up banana chunks is service. I don't believe someone can plant or lead a church without a commitment to cleaning up banana chunks. Service is a part of the calling, it's a necessity.

But leadership is instilling that same sense of ownership in others. A sense of ownership that won't let them walk by the mess, but will stop and clean it up because they value TFC as much as I do. Leadership isn't delegating that task to someone else so you won't have to do it, it's inspiring others to make the same level of commitment as the pastor. For me, service comes easier than leadership.

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