Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Invited By"

There's an "Invited By" line in the first time guest section of our friendship registries. I get so pumped to see the name of one of our regular families in the "Invited By" line. That lets me know that a family in our community has caught the mission and vision of our church.
The new family that came today got to know a TF family at the park. Later, when walking through their neighborhood, this new family realized the TF family lived on their street. This new relationship lead to this new family worshipping with us this morning. And then the new family got invited to lunch by other families in our church.

I know it seems so simple and obvious, but that's exactly how it's done! This new family told me they had trouble finding our website, wasn't able to find it through MSN search and couldn't find it on Gardner's main website. But they came because they were invited. It's not about signs or websites (not that those don't help) but it's about personal invitations! Way to go TF!

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