Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've got a new title - COACH

Yep, last night was my first night helping with Wheatridge Middle School's football practice. I'm PUMPED about this opportunity. I'd forgotten how much I missed football until I was helping 7th graders understand defensive alignment last night. I'm really going to enjoy this season.

I played football at MNU with the head coach, Brian Essex, which is how I got this position. And although I didn't make much of an impact on MNU's program, I learned a lot that I can already tell will be valuable in coaching these kids. Although their defensive system isn't as complicated as MNU's, it is more complicated than my high school's, so my college experience will come in handy. Brian said I'll be working with receivers and d-backs, two positions I know little about, but Brian promised I'll know more than the kids. At first I didn't believe him, but after watching a few drills, I realized I will have something to offer these kids in teaching them proper technique.

As a fan of the underdog, I've already got a few favorites, the tiniest and fattest kids on the team. The tiny kid knows how to hustle and how to lay a lick on someone, the really overweight kid hustles, too. I saw him pushing all the way through during sprints and relished the chance to encourage him afterwards. The overly-athletic kids will always get the attention, I'm going to take an interest in the kids who might get overlooked by others.

My point in coaching is to find another way to serve the community and to meet unchurched families. I have no idea where these new relational connections will lead, but I'm excited about building some deeper connections into this town Erin and I have been called to serve!

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