Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Super Servant - Susan Galbraith

As our nursery director, Susan Galbraith is one of the hardest working, most servant minded people at TFC. To see what I'm talking about, just talk with Susan after she's spent a Sunday in the nursery, she's usually rather sweaty after chasing kids around for an hour and a half.

Susan is always there early to set up and she's always got the check-in procedures organized so parents can trust that their babies and toddlers are well cared for. I've even noticed we've gotten the parent notification numbers working on Sunday mornings; Susan has made sure this has happened.
Susan also fills in at least a couple times a month, taking the place of those scheduled that didn't remember or arrived late. This says a lot about Susan's character, but let's not make Susan do this! If you can't serve on your schedule day, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE switch with someone else on the schedule. It would help us all out a lot!

Our children's ministers rock!

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