Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Super Servant - Chris Billings!

You don't have to hang around TFC for very long to notice how much time and effort Chris Billings gives. He's there every Sunday morning for set-up, stays after every Sunday for tear-down - working until the trailer is fully loaded again. And that's just on Sunday. During the week he picks out all the music, organizes band practice and is always working on some miscellanous project for the church.

But we all know that about Chris. What's cool is that UPS noticed it, too. Chris was selected as the employee of the month at his Lenexa station. The cool thing is that he was picked not for his job performance but for all his service hours. I was called by the lady who oversees the selection (she's the one that told me about this, not Chris) and she said "Chris really donates a lot of hours, doesn't he? Between your church and his kids' activities."
I replied, "nah, he's pretty lazy...."
Actually, I'm glad I didn't say that because the reward for being employeed of the month is being able to select a church or charity that would receive a $200 grant from the UPS foundation. Guess which church Chris chose?
We all know about Chris' servants heart and now even his employer has noticed.

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