Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My squat max keeps going up!

Which is why I now only fit into one of my pairs of jeans.
Last night I squatted 295 on my last set, for 8 reps! I remember a few months ago when I finally broke 300 for just 1 rep. I've been adding 5 lbs per week to my final set of 8 reps. We're changing our workout next week, going to 4 sets of 5 (instead of the 3 sets of 8) and I asked my workout partner, Jason, if we could go one more week doing 3x8 so I could do 300lbs for 8 reps, but he just told me that after we cylce back out of the 4x5 I should be doing well over 300 for 8. Jason also told me he'd never seen anyone make such serious gains in the squat while only doing it 2 or 3 times a month. I guess I could be gaining faster, but, I just have to be content with the results I've gained from the time that I do have.

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