Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Amazing Quotes

Last night, as I was walking through the neighborhood of St. John's Trace, handing out invitation for tonight's Movie Night, I was listening to some sessions of a recent church planters conference in Orlando. I'll list them for you. Some of them have found their way into the annual report I'm giving.

Ed Stezter
John Knox said, "Give me Scotland or I die."
Do we have the same intensity, the same willingness to die for the lost peopel of our communities?

Church planting is hard, it's even harder when you make it about you and not Jesus.

Bill Hybels
The local church is the hope of this broken world. If you're planting a church, you're at the center of the most important thing going on planet earth; the redemption of human lives. The reclaiming of human souls and lives for Gods plans.

On a church planters need for faith, Faith is walking in the direction God has told you to go, believing that between here and there, he's going to show up with his power and he's going to help you do what he's told you to do.

Josh Vance read a me a line from the book Reading the Bible in Wesleyan Ways, that basically said "sometimes scripture is meant to comfort the afflicted and sometimes it's meant to afflict the comfortable."

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