Monday, June 11, 2007

Revelation - Week 2

I thought about giving this sermon series the title "Revelation: The book without an 'S'." So many people think of this book as a series of codes or revelation(s). But it's not a bunch of disconnected images, everything that John saw points to the same central theme/ person; Jesus Christ. John had a revelation of Jesus Christ. He saw Jesus as he truly is, the exalted ruler of the universe. This vision would've been very inspiring to churches that were facing persecution from the "almighty" Roman Empire. Jesus Christ is the one we worship, the one we live for and the one (at least John's churches) may end up dying for.

But, my wife said about my sermon (and I got this sense from others) "oh well, you can't hit a homerun every week." Hah! I guess not.

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