Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the Road Again

What you're seeing here is a picture from my last day as a Courier at FedEx, in August of 2005. As I've shared before, I've had to come back to FedEx for a part-time job. I've spent the last three months unloading packages in the early morning, before the delivery couriers go on-road. As I was being welcomed back by the old crew, I kept assuring everyone I was not going to become a Courier.

Well, I'm not a Courier (don't get paid as well as they do and am keeping that part of the promise) but I am now what they call a "DOT Handler," meaning I've passed the Defensive Driving course (had to take it again) and can go on-road. So I'm now doing what's called a "bulk route," in which I deliver to some places that get about 100 or so packages per day.

It was a bit surreal to get behind the wheel of the W700 again. I've been fighting feelings of discouragement, embarrassment and defeat as I've been working at FedEx again but this morning was a bit nostalgic. "I can't believe I'm doing this again" kept running through my head. That same thought was also running through my head the first time I put the uniform back on. Oh well, at least I left on good terms so they could hire me back. At least my family is still being provided for (God has yet to fail us). And while I'm doing a scaled down version of Courier work for Handler pay, at least I'm not having to unload the cans anymore. Three months and several trips to the chiropractor and I'm glad to have moved back on-road again.

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