Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Argue College Football

This week, I sent a FB message to a good friend from HS asking if he'd be down here for "Farmageddon" this Saturday, since he's an Iowa State graduate and die-hard fan. I said nothing about the complete and total domination that Iowa showed over ISU the previous Saturday but for some reason, this friend decided to start the typical ISU argument, "The only reason Iowa wins games is because they're in the sucky Big Ten and if ISU was in the Big Ten, they'd be just as good."

But I understand how he feels because I'm a fan of a terrible team who is almost an afterthought to a much more popular and successful team in the eastern side of the state. I'm referring, of course, of my allegiance to the Royals.

Anyway, that conversation reminded me of this picture I saw on my favorite sports blog the other day, Black Heart Gold Pants.

Not only is this picture true of college football arguments but I think it's true of most other arguments as well.

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