Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dawson's First Trip to God's Country

This past Saturday was a big day for Dawson's dad, though it might be awhile until Dawson understands the significance of the day. But having the chance to take my son to one of my favorite places was quite a thrill for me, as was watching Dawson clap in response to the applause of the crowd for a Hawkeye touchdown.

Dawson was a bit overwhelmed by all the things to look at. But his favorite part of the day was sliding down the slide at a park just off Melrose Avenue. Which is exactly why we stayed outside the stadium, taking pictures and taking in the sites. I didn't want to pay for a ticket just so Dawson quite squirm on my lap for 3 hours. But his first trip to Iowa City is complete, a few years from now we'll actually go into the stadium and watch a game.

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