Friday, September 3, 2010

A strip club vs. a church

Here's a great story from Harmony Dust's blog.

In the Battle Between Church & Strip Club: Love Wins!

After hearing breaking news about women from an Ohio strip club showing up to protest at a local church that had been picketing their club for years, our friends from JC’s Girls in San Diego decided to show up. And I mean literally. They got on a plane and went to the strip club in Ohio to love on the girls.

What happened next is truly incredible. On Day 1, they had the opportunity to visit the strip club dressing room, tell share their stories, and tell them how much God loves them. They were met with open ears and open hearts.

On Day 2, knowing that God can change things around through Love, they decided to reach out to the Pastor of the church that had been protesting. There too, they were met with open hearts and ultimately invited to speak to the entire church on Sunday. They invited the congregation to “CHANGE THE FACE OF CHRISTIANITY by standing with us and truly LOVING God’s Beautiful Girls just as Jesus would.”

The people of New Life Ministries Church rose to the call and committed to loving their community, beginning with the women who worked at the local strip club. They went to the women, loved them, hugged them and even sought forgiveness from them. The Pastor himself promised one woman “he would not fail her”.

Even the Pastor and Strip Club Owner have reconciled and scheduled a lunch date!

My heart is touched and inspired by this story. It is amazing to see what happens when we fulfill the mandate of Love that is placed on our lives. I believe that this community will never be the same.

Read the JC’s Girls full story here

Love, Harmony

Author of Scars and Stilettos

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