Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pastoring Each Other and Good Days

I'm going to mix together a couple thoughts I wanted to share.

First of all, these are very good days for our church! We're beginning to implement some of the goals I shared here and there is a general sense of excitement and optimism about the direction and future of our church.

On Sunday, I shared some thoughts about how the church community helps us develop the brain chemicals necessary for overcoming temptation (I hope to share some of that later). Afterwards, we had an extended time of community and the energy level was impressive, I just stood in the corner for awhile and watched people interact. It was hard to disrupt what was happening by giving the final prayer and starting the tear-down process. That time on Sunday morning is an accurate microcosm of the overall peace and community being experienced by our church right now. People are sharing life together, connecting on a deeper level, enjoying each other's company and we're welcoming new people into the community as well. Churches go through seasons and this current season is one of high warmth and low conflict -and I'm LOVING it!

We've also just began our Life Transformation Groups. You can see what a LTG looks like by checking out the format at these two links: simple format and more intense format. I can't quite express how good it is to see people 'pastoring' each other and, more importantly, being Christ to each other. Not only is it satisfying to see that, it's quite liberating as well. And based upon that studying I've been doing, it seems much more biblical, too.

These are some very good days at TFC.

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