Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life is Precious

A little over a month ago, I was listening to Jim Hurd sing a song about adoption from Annie that make me ache with love for my own son. This weekend, Jim will be burying one of his sons. I have no idea the pain the Hurd family must be feeling. After hearing the news last night, I went into Dawson's room and listened to him sleep and fought off tears. Thankfully, the Hurds are a part of a great church in Gardner that can be the presence of Christ as they mourn their loss.

Jim just posted this message on his Facebook account: "What a privilege and honor to get to be with, parent and befriend our Andrew. I couldn't be more proud and I can't love someone more. I miss him so much.
Andrew Celebration and Visitation Services
Friday night 6-9p at Fellowship Bible Church - Open church time to visit with family
Saturday Morning 10a (Place TBD) - Celebration of Andrew's Life."

I just can't imagine, though our God knows the same pain in giving his son over to the cross.

ABC's video

NBC's Video

Please pray for the Hurd's and the Crainshaws.

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