Sunday, August 1, 2010

John Deere Green and other pictures

We took some great pictures of Dawson during the month of July and I love sharing them in my own little piece of Al Gore's invention.

These pictures are from a trip to a produce farm a few miles south of Gardner.

The rest of these pictures are from Erin and Dawson's time spent last week on my parent's farm. Unfortunately, due to my new job at FedEx, I wasn't able to join them. But these are some great pictures.

Dawson and his cousin, Dani.

This is a great picture.

My dad is as crazy about John Deere tractors as I am about Hawkeye football. Dad and I are a lot alike in personality, but we differ in how we live out our personalities.

I've watched many sunsets from this spot in my parent's lawn.

A little water park called Fun City that was built just a few years ago.

For ten years, I was sat on this piano bench and not allowed to get up until I'd finished my half hour of practicing the piano.

I also played in the water coming from that faucet many times as a kid.

Another great picture.

Dad is going to need to buy Dawson a helmet when he gets a bit older, so he can tear through the fields like I used to do.

Dawson doing his 'lining-up' hobby.

The dangerously steep stairs leading to the upstairs in my parent's farmhouse. I fell down those stairs a few too many times and even (allegedly) peed from the top of them while being potty-trained - which is about to happen to my son (the training, hopefully not the peeing on the stairs).

That was my truck as a kid. Yes, I love seeing Dawson do the same things his daddy used to do.

Really, does it get much cuter than this?

Everything is green on the Miller farm.

This is the type of picture that makes my dad say, "that's my boy."

Getting cleaned up after a long day playing outside.

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