Monday, June 23, 2008

IVF has begun!

Today marked the beginning of the 3-4 week process of IVF for Erin and me. Today we had a "teach" session, where we went through all the drugs that we (one for me and the rest for Erin) have to take over the next three weeks. Erin has to take specific pills and specific shots at specific times during the day. I'll give updates on this as we go along, but there are a LOT of things we will be doing; it's a very involved process.

One great thing to celebrate is that we've gotten $4000 worth of medicine for exactly $101.10. One of the nurses at the office is a good friend of ours from Gracepoint church in Shawnee and she has hooked us up with thousands of dollars worth of samples. She also suggested we go to her doctor about 9 months ago when we weren't sure what to do. This is an awkward and difficult process, so it's great to have a friendly face guiding us through all of this.

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