Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The best hour of my week

One of the best hours of my week is the hour (or hour and a half) I spend in Bible study with Travis Bottcher. Travis has been on an amazing spiritual journey the past 9 months. He first came to TF early in January and that began a long journey of exploring Christ, reading the gospels and having some long conversations together.
Travis made the commitment to start following Jesus sometime in June, while we were studying the gospel of John together. Travis started following Jesus in June and hasn't looked back since.
Some of the insights he shares when we're discussing that week's passage of scripture just blows me away. Sometimes I'm thinking, "wait, you're the new Christian, I'm the seminary grad - I'm supposed to be teaching you things!"
Last week we were reading from Ephesians where Paul listed positive behaviors and attitudes that Christians are to put on and negative attitudes and behaviors that Christians are to leave behind. Travis asked me, "is it normal that when I read the Bible I can see how this applies to me and how I'm to be living this out?" I gave an emphatic yes! I assured Travis that the surest sign that he's living for Christ is that his life is continuing to conform to scripture.

Wow. There is nothing as exciting as talking with a brand-new Christian! Can you see why I think of our Bible study as the best hour of my week?

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