Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tonight's Ipod playlist

I went on a beautiful 3 mile run tonight at 9:00. I feel so alive when I run on beautiful evenings; cool breeze, crickets chirping, the creeks are full of water and you can hear the frogs. I love summer evenings.

Here was my playlist:
Tony Campolo's Across the Pond podcast. Subject - Politics and Christianity. I love TC.

DC Talk: Supernatural
U2: Streets Have No Name - this song makes me want to cry. We played it as the response to the message "Can Homosexuals be Christian". It was in the Frequently Avoided Questions series. Listen.
Ben Folds: Brick - We played this during an Advent sermon, "The Touch of Christmas"
Hootie: Hold My Hand, Gotta love Hootie - at least Cracked Rear View

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