Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer of Faith

Summer of Faith ChallengeJune 1, 2007 – August 31, 2007

One of the marks of a Christ follower at Trinity Family is one who gives sacrificially. We believe the biblical and historical standard for sacrificial giving is a tithe (10% of one’s income). We believe healthy money management and giving a full tithe to God through the local church are two basic disciplines for experiencing God’s best in our personal finances. We believe God will faithfully honor financial obedience by 1) providing for your needs and 2) blessing you in areas beyond financial.

We are extending to Trinity Family the challenge to experience a Summer of Faith by increasing your monthly giving to a full tithe during the months of June, July and August. We are so confident in God’s faithfulness to provide that at the end of the 3 month period we will refund the difference between your full tithe amount and your average monthly giving the 3 months prior to the Summer of Faith (March, April, May). We are asking that each time you give during the Summer of Faith, you write 2 checks. One check equal to your regular giving during March – May and the additional amount necessary to equal a full 10% of your income.

To experience a Summer of Faith and to qualify for the money back guarantee, please fill out the agreement form on the reverse side of this sheet and return to the church office by May 31st. We are excited to see how God will honor this obedient step of faith.

Pastor Donnie Miller and Trinity Family’s Advisory Council:Chris Billings, Aaron Holmes, Areon Kelvington, Vanessa Kumor and Ashley Vance

Conditions of agreement
1) I understand that this form must be completed and received by Sunday, June 3rd.
2) I understand that my household qualifies for the Summer of Faith challenge only if our regular giving over the past 6 months has been less than 10% of our income.
3) I understand that my faith offering must be paid by a check or (if paying by cash) a completed offering envelope, so that my faith offering can be properly credited.
4) I understand that I cannot seek a refund prior to September 1st, 2007 and that I cannot seek a refund for any contributions made prior to June 1st, 2007.
5) I understand that any request for refund must be received by Trinity Family’s treasurer, Ashley Vance by September 30th, 2007.
6) I would like to take the Summer of Faith challenge.
My average monthly giving during the past 3 months: ____________ line 1
10% of my monthly income: ­­­­­­­­­­____________ line 2
Difference between line 1 and line 2 ____________ line 3
My monthly commitment during the Summer of Faith line 3 plus line 1
7) I understand that I need to write two checks each time I give. One check with the amount from line 1 and one check with the amount from line 3. Please write “summer of faith” in the memo of the check for the amount of line 3.
8) At the conclusion of the Summer of Faith challenge, if I am not convinced of God’s faithfulness as a result of my obedience, then I will be entitled to request a refund of my Summer of Faith commitment. The refund shall not exceed 3 times the amount on line 3 and shall not exceed the total amount given between June 1st, 2007 and August 31st, 2007.

Name __________________________

Signature ________________________ Date _____________
Please hand this form to Ashley Vance or mail to the church office: PO Box 185, Gardner, KS 66030

The information on this form will remain confidential

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