Sunday, November 29, 2009


TFC's first two engaged couples got married on the exact same day, two hours and 90 miles apart in eastern Missouri. Although they weren't yet engaged, Jeff and Kelsi were already dating when they came to Trinity Family. Mike and Elizabeth's relationship however, is a direct result of TFC. Elizabeth interned with me in 05-06 and Mike interned with me in 07-08. Having a deep respect for both of them, Erin and I tried talking Mike into asking Elizabeth out on a date. It took awhile, but eventually he saced up and asked her out. As we suspected, it was a good match. I will admit however, that at first I wasn't convinced Mike had a chance because Elizabeth is way out of his league. Erin assured me that while that might be true, Mike was just handsome enough to have a chance. She was right, of course.

Last Sunday, during our community meal, our church celebrated these new marriages.

Of course, the next marriage to come out of TFC is coming this May...

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Valerie said...

YEAH! Bring on May! WOOT!