Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doing my part for church growth

This is tongue-in-cheek obviously, but there's a lot of truth to it, too. My personal role in contributing to the growth of quickly growing attractional churches could be described this way:

Contributing to the growth of local megachurches, one disgruntled family at a time.


Rachel Shaffer said...

Love it!!!

Larry said...

We just had a family, who was with us for 18 years leave our church for the local megachurch. They said our kids in our youth group was not good enough for their daughter. They said this megachurch had more programs for their kids. They were also mad because their friend, the church boss, got mad and left because she was losing her power in the church.
I've been at my church for 8 years. When we tried to start a kids program in our first year, this family was the first family to say, "we can't come because our kids go to XXXXX Church on Wednesday night". Then all they did for the next six years was complain because we didn't have anything for their kids. When their little daughter got into high school, she started going to another church on Wednesday nights (the local megachurch). When they left, they said they were tired of going to three churches (our church, the megachurch for the daughter, and the other church for their little boy). They complained because we were not reaching out to the community, but you could never get them to help with ONE project we had to reach people.
I know what you are experiencing.