Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The highlight of the Hawkeye basketball season

Unfortunately, I cheer for a basketball team with a bright past, disgusting present and equally dark future. But being the true fan that I am, I bought tickets to the CBE Classic at the Sprint Center. Expecting to see the #3 Texas Longhorns destroy what might be the worst team in D-1, my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, I was pleasantly surprised that the Hawks were able to make a game of it. This amazing shot allowed the Hawks to enter halftime with the score tied.

If the camera had just panned a bit more to the left, you could've seen me in the stands sporting my old-school #20 Dean-O jersey.

The inevitable destruction was only postponed, however. After the Hawks hit a 3 pointer to take the lead in the first minute of the 2nd half, UT went on a 17 point run and won the game going away.

On a positive note, the Hawkeye football team continues to experience success under the leadership of the best coach in College Football.

It's only fitting that I'd get to enjoy two nights of ugly basketball after being in Iowa City Saturday for some ugly football.
There was however, a beautiful goal line stand in our end zone, allowing us to keep the pig.

Iowa football may win ugly, Iowa basketball is ugly all the way through.

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