Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I Love about Theatre

The rolling sound of the curtains opening

Being blinded by the stage lights

Seeing GCT's account in the black when ticket sales minus expenses equals money left over

The crowd's applause building in anticipation of the leads throughout the entire curtain call

The rush of trying to get the stage set before the curtains open and diving offstage just in time

Having to pause for laughter

Mingling with the crowd in costume after the show

The camaraderie that develops among cast members

The transformation that happens between readings at tryouts to the grand finale of opening night

How complete strangers become lifelong friends through the shared experience of 6 intense weeks of preparation

The cast's shout of triumph after the final curtain closes


One of your loyal followers said...

- The makeup sessions
- Wearing hairnets in public
- Singing and dancing while wearing "interesting" clothes

just joking (maybe)

joe k said...

'Theatre' takes a lot of (guts) in my opinion. I could never do it. Good job doing a great job and building relationships that matter along the way!