Thursday, April 9, 2009

Evangelical theology / Holiness theology

I was in a marketing research meeting today at our denomination's Global Ministries Center (World Headquarters) and the research firm was picking the brain of some fellow church planters. There was one professor in our group as well, from Nazarene Theological Seminary. He borrowed a quote from a preacher that had just been to NTS that helps define who we are as a "tribe."

Evangelicals are concerned with how a person becomes a Christian while Holiness people are concerned with how a person can be Christian.

Great quote and I completely agree. I could share more but have a ton of work to do...

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Rodney Johansen said...

When I first read this quote I was very much in agreement. I have been dealing with some things that are not what I would consider Christian Virtues. But I really wonder if this leaves God our of the picture and leads to legalism. I realize that it is important to live a Holy Life and that being a Christian leads to a changed life. I feel that we as a church need to be careful when we say we are more concerned with living a Holy Life than just being evangelicial. (Isn't there power in the New Life in Christ.) II Cor. 5:17