Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Inspiring Poem

While listening to last Sunday's message on sex and, more specifically, while thinking about the lady caught in adultery in John 8, Rachel Olson penned this poem. Quite the poem!

I'm caught
naked, trembling
in the midst of a circle of self-righteous hate
thrown to the ground
like the piece of trash that I am
I know it
they know it.
But, oh God,
that transient feeling of true love
before being used up for his gain.
That feeling was almost worth this.
A Man in the middle of the others
their eyes say they hate Him
more than they hate me.
And yet
they ask Him what they should do
with me.
He bends to the ground.
My skin flinches in anticipation of
the crush from the stone that I know
He will cast.
He writes with His finger.
I see THEIR sins in the words on the dirt
not MINE.
Self-righteousness drains
and they slink away.
One by one by one.
The Middle Man lifts my head.
"Where are your accusers now?
Go and sin no more
(live in freedom)"
He covers my naked shame
with His own
(of righteousness)
I am Free.

Thanks, Rachel, for sharing.

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