Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Appreciated Volunteers

I've been slow to post this, mostly because I've been waiting for a certain someone to email me the pictures, but I won't mention any names... :)
About a month ago, we had an incredible Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for those who serve at TFC.
Since we didn't have the money to do our usual dinner, I asked the greatest cook I know, Dale Sass to help make some Cinnamon rolls to give to our volunteers. Dale then decided to host an entire dinner for us. Dale's small group put it all together, even waiting on us with towels on their arms. New Life Church graciously hosted us all.
And the food... Well, I think Dale out did even his usual efforts. I'm not execrating when I say the tables full of food looked like a cruise ship buffet. I stuffed myself with so much cheese, amazing bread, shrimp, brisket and pie that I could barely walk.
And it was quite a night of community, too. For over an hour, we bragged on each other and shared stories of how TFC is changing our lives and the world around us. It was an incredible evening. One of those nights in which I thank God for the privilege of pastoring a church like TFC.

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I appreciate your discretion.