Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super Servants - Scott and Debbie Sidusky

I'm spending Wednesday nights in November hanging out with TFC's youth group. Did you know they have their own "youth room"? Yep, it's the 'redocrated' garage of Scott and Debbie Sidusky. I'll tell ya' what, watching Scott and Debbie lead, interact with and care for our teens is an amazing thing to watch. They are both VERY talented and they have HUGE hearts for our teens. For almost a decade, Scott has felt God's leading toward youth ministry and it's easy to see why God has called him when watching him in 'action' on Wednesday nights.

In addition to Wednesday nights, Debbie has started an accountability group with some of the girls. Man, that's REALLY good stuff!

But as good as Scott and Debbie are, they CAN'T do it alone! They need other adults to step up and serve alongside them. If you'd like to learn more about serving in this important ministry, please talk with Scott or Debbie.

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