Friday, November 28, 2008

I love Thanksgiving!

On Monday morning got on the scales to realize I'd lost a few pounds over the weekend - which gave me some extra room for the best weekend of the year! Here's what I do over Thanksgiving weekend; eat LOTS of food and watch LOTS of football! Both of which I've done A LOT this weekend.

We left Tuesday evening to come up to my parents' and we'll be leaving Saturday morning so I can spend Saturday afternoon preparing for Sunday. On Wednesday, I worked on Sunday's message and took my Grandma to this little hair salon in Denmark for her weekly hair appointment. My 93 year old Grandma was glad to spend some time together.

On Thursday, all of us got up early to help prepare meals for shut-ins and anyone who needed a free Thanksgiving meal. We worked with more than 300 other volunteers at Burlington High School. Josh and Ashley Vance showed up about the time we were leaving, to serve the meals in the cafeteria. Our job was preparing the boxed meals that others delivered to shut-ins. It was an impressive undertaking, feeding about 1,200 people. It was a good way to spend Thanksgiving morning. To read more about that event, click here.

We spent the afternoon with the Miller family and I was able to spend a few hours with some of my favorite cousins. One cousin is married to a pastor, so we swapped stories about the stupid things we've done and the stupid things done to us. The only person that can really understand the pressures of pastoring is another pastor. It was a great afternoon spent with cousins I rarely get to see.

My dad switched shifts, working in the morning, so he could spent Thanksgiving evening "watching football with my boy." As nice as that was, my dad can only stay awake in front of a football game for about 20 minutes, so most of the night was spent hanging out at my sister and brother-in-law's, which is also something I RARELY get to do.

After sleeping in a LONG time this morning, I spent most of the day doing French homework while watching Pitt-WVU and Nebraska-Colorado. We're now about to go to Fort Madison for the parade of lights. I was not forced to join my wife and sister on their 11 hour shopping trip, thank goodness.

As you've likely noticed from the pictures, Pastor Andy came with us this week. He wasn't able to go home to Alabama so he came along with us. It's been a good week hanging out with him and it was nice driving his brand new car up here. On Thanksgiving night, he was talking to his family on his cell phone while they were looking up my parent's house on Google maps.

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soxfaninkc said...

That's awesome, man! Good to see you guys had a good Thanksgiving!