Monday, November 3, 2008

5/6 of the way through 08

With the calendar turning to November, I thought I'd give an update on the goals I set at the beginning of 08.

I'll re-post those goals and comment on each one:

Jog 12 miles per week, although I need to fix my treadmill first
I pretty much sucked at this the first half the year. About July, I decided to train for the KC Half Marathon (which I ran a couple weeks ago) and I'm now in good shape and lost about 10 pounds.
Do my ab workout on the running off days
I think I did this once, maybe twice...
Finally get to 3 plates on my bench press and 4 plates on my box squat
I've had to readjust this goal. Training for the 1/2 marathon hurt my lifting so I'm likely not going to hit this goal. I am however, more well rounded through mixing in the running and lifting.
Spend 3 hours per week in personal Bible study
I've been keeping track and of the 43 weeks so far in 08, I'm just one half hour off this goal.
Begin studying French
I'm auditing the French 101 class at MidAmerica Nazarene University. I'm learning the language but I seriously underestimated how much work this would be. I'm still not sure why I've felt lead to learn French but I've been trusting my gut instincts (a main way God leads me) long enough to know that God will eventually reveal the reason.
Attend some sort of coaching training event
Did this in January but didn't get to coach in the fall.
Read the Bible with my wife before going to bed
We're averaging about 4 nights a week at this, which is better than any other year of our marriage although not where I'd like to be.
Fast every week from Monday noon to Tuesday noon
I've done this every week, though I've occasionally moved the days.

I've decided it's time to stop worry about things that are out of my control and to actually let God be in control of His church. This means that I'm going to entrust God with growing TF numerically so I can focus on growing people. There are two groups of people in which I'll be investing most of my time: our Advisory Council and the unchurched people God has entrusted us with. With that in mind, here are my specific goals.
Redesign the structure of our Advisory Council so we have leaders over each of the 5. Finish this by spring
This was completed in August (just a couple months later than I'd wanted)
Personally invest in the new people who were previously unchurched (I have a list on my desk)
Yeah, I'm still doing this although the way I'm doing it is different than it was last winter.
Spend 3 hours per week in prayer for TF.
Yep, right on pace! It's amazing the "coincidences" that happen when I pray. It's amazing to find the formerly hidden strength needed to face difficult challenges when I'm praying every day.
Find more ways to emphasize the 5 during Sunday morning worship
Our Growing Up Campaign is making this happen!
Read 1 chapter a day of a ministry related book.
I'm not doing this every day but you can see the list of books I've completed in 08 on the right side of this page.
Equip the church for personal Bible study (coming this Sunday) or as the pastor from whom I heard of this plan called it, "develop a self-feeding program."
Yep, done this. But Josh Vance and David Brush are really wanting to develop SOAP classes, which would really help people.
Focus on our Fav Five (coming soon)
Since about July, I haven't been as intentional about this.
I did have the privilege of baptizing a person on someone else's "Fave Five" list!

I've still got two months to go, but overall, I'm pretty happy about the personal and professional growth I've experienced this year.

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