Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gaither Family Christmas...

We changed up our stage and worship feel on Sunday, going with a living room/ acoustic feel and sound. I was pumped about the change of pace until someone mentioned it looked like a "Gaither Family Christmas" video. Ouch, I was ready to take it all down right then. But that was just one perspective... But I think last Sunday will be forever referred to as the "Gaither Family Sunday." After piecing together a set-up crew, experiencing holiday travel and fighting the snow, I'm glad we could laugh at ourselves on Sunday.

We did offer a different way of responding on Sunday. I preached on the parable of the 10 virgins from Matthew 25 and we passed out invitations to "the feast" that is one day coming. Alicia Brush designed them and dated the time of the feast as "unknown, but certain." We had people turn in their RSVP's to the feast.

We also installed Scott Sidusky as our Youth Pastor. Scott has been leading our teen ministry for awhile but on Sunday, we went "official" with the title. In giving Scott his local license, our entire Point Team affirms Scott's calling and gifting for pastoral ministry. Congrats, Scott and Debbie!

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David Brush said...

I sure know how to push your buttons I guess? It was actually much too subdued to be a Gaither special, the hair wasn't big enough, and the cheesy harmony was non-existent! You proved me wrong.