Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Servants - Aaron and Sarah Holmes

Aaron and Sarah Holmes (and we can add Lincoln, too) are the latest TFC Super Servants!

Since the fall, they've been investing in a family that isn't a part of TF and doesn't yet know Christ. They admit it's not the easiest thing but they know God has established that relationship for a reason. Investing in Unbelievers

Aaron serves faithfully on the set-up/tear-down crew, serves on our Advisory Council and serves in other various ways. I've also heard a rumor that Pastor Andy just recruited Aaron to join TF Kidz as well!

Sarah also faithfully serves our kids through TF Kidz. Sarah has also just taken on the big role of being the church treasurer, which means she pays the bills, balances our check book and answers my never-ending questions about where we are in the budget. Serving Others

One particular act of service inspired me to share Aaron and Sarah's story. Sarah received some very nice Christmas presents but decided she'd like to pass along that generosity. So Sarah returned the gifts and used the money to buy some very nice jewerly for all 40 of the February Love Wins bags. Some of what she bought were earrings. Now I dont' really know the difference but my wife said they're really nice! That's a great example of Giving Sacrificially.

Thanks for being Servant-Leaders!

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