Tuesday, February 12, 2008


On Sunday, I preached from Matthew 16:21-28. We responded to the passage by choosing to "leave behind" something during lent (either something selfish we know we need to give up or something that isn't necessarily bad but its absence would help us focus on Christ) and to "take on" something. We passed out nails with cards for people to write what they were leaving behind and taking on.

So I want to share my two decisions. I've decided to take on praying specifically for my Fave Five 10 minutes a day (in addition to regular times of prayer). Which means I have some praying and inviting to do as we prepare to show the movie Most on Sunday.

I've decided to leave behind control. The "need" to control is a big struggle for me. I want to control everything around me, individuals, the church, my wife, my friends. The control-freak in me is most harmful to myself as pastor and husband, which makes sense considering these are two significant roles in my life. Since Sunday, when I've started getting frustrated with someone at church, at our FPU class or even with my wife (sorry, sweetheart) I tell myself, "I'm not in control."
Pastoring is a tricky balance. I have a responsiblity of inspiring and challenging people in their walk with Christ, while at the same time I have to allow people to make the decisions on their own. There is so little I can do to actually control people that most of the controlling goes on in my own head, it's an internal struggle. And I'll win this battle for control as I surrender these mental battles to God.

"It's your church. You're in control, not me."

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